FIATA bill of lading launched

2022-08-16 16:03:28 Exim News

Port and shipping Minister Sarbanananda launched the FIATA bill of lading (eFBL) for the first time in the country at the recently  concluded biennal convention of Freight Forwarders Associations of India (FFFAI) at Chennai

The FIATA Paperless Bill of Lading allows the Freight-Forwarder to easily issue secured eFBL through their everyday tools (TMS and other software), facilitating the issuance process by removing double data entry. Freight-Forwarders can then decide in which format they wish to share the document with their stakeholders: as a secured printed document or in digital format.

Established over 30 years ago, the Negotiable FIATA Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading is a trustworthy and reputable trade document, mainly thanks to its Terms and Conditions, which includes the necessity for the document issuer to be a valid FIATA/National Association member and to have a valid liability insurance.

It is the only truly multimodal Negotiable Standard Bill of Lading, set up by FIATA for use by Freight-Forwarders acting as Multimodal Transport Operators (MTO). The ICC logo, visible on the top right of the document, demonstrates its conformity with UNCTAD/ICC rules for Multimodal Transport Documents.

The FIATA Paperless Bill of Lading is based on Block chain Technology and hence provides the much needed transparency, security and accountability in the supply chain.

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