Vistara Receives Official Approval to Operate International Flights to the United States

2022-08-30 15:53:28 Logistics News (Airlines & Aviation)

Vistara was granted the final approval to conduct flights between the US and India.


Vistara can now schedule commercial flights between the two countries, moving people, property and mail. The nod allows Vistara to even fly charter and cargo flights.


Vistara will retain its potential to provide international carrier services between the US and India as long as it complies with regulations proposed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and DOT. This involves complying with DOT regulations with respect to passenger services and refunds, safety and security guidelines, among others. Towards the end of April, Vistara first applied for permission to operate US flights. The tentative approval was granted in June.


Presently, the US maintains a travel ban for foreign natives travelling from India with COVID-19 in mind. The exception is for US citizens and their families, students and legal permanent residents.


 Vistara is unlikely to launch long-haul flying at the moment. Most superfluous travel to India is restrained. Apart from certain exemptions, entering the country if you are a non-citizen is not so easy currently.

Therefore, Vistara should hold off as far as adding US flights is concerned at this time. One option could be to fly into the US with a stop. The airline could initiate operations to stops like Dallas, Miami, Houston, with a stop in Europe or Canada if granted fifth-freedom route access.

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