Robots provide service in Bengaluru airport

2022-09-26 16:27:41 Logistics News (Airlines & Aviation)

As many as twelve Robots have been deployed at the Kempegowda International airport at Bengaluru for the past four months and are providing services to passengers according to local media reports


Driven by Artificial Intelligence assistance, they are helpful to passengers in finding out information about status of flights, directional assistance, information about food and beverages. These robots are also capable of escorting passengers in the airport, based on the request. However, the services by these robots will be updated based on the passenger suggestions


Just attach a trolley/basket with it so that it becomes an automated robotic trolley for people who need help in pushing it.


Bengaluru airport reportedly partnered with a company called Artiligient Solutions Pvt. Ltd which is known for designing robots and using artificial intelligence.


The robots currently communicate in English and very soon, they will even be communicating in Kannada as well.

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