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Small improvements to shore leave satisfaction, but issues still remain say seafarers
Dr.G.R.Balakrishnan Jan 24 2023 Seafarers News

Small improvements to shore leave satisfaction, but issues still remain say seafarers

Whilst satisfaction levels have increased over the last two quarters, worryingly shore leave remains problematic, scoring just 5.87/10.

The reason for this is multi-faceted. For one, the places crews are calling in to continue to have strict restrictions in place; the rolling lockdowns across China attest to how vulnerable some nations remain in the face of the pandemic. For others, the minimal allowable crewing levels mean there is little free time to take advantage of shore leave.

Those that have been able to get ashore are able to visit welfare centres and facilities near ports where they can partake in rest and recreation or have access to supplies that they need. Seafarers expressed their gratitude for the ongoing efforts which aim to grow the network and services that the centres offer, ensuring that they are fit for purpose.

Every bit of improvement counts; be it in connectivity, catering, training, wages, working hours and shore leave. However, it is the synergy of these adjustments across the industry that can bring about real long term positive and impactful changes for seafarers.

The final report of the year, Q4 2022 will be published later this month, in which the overall themes and trends from the past year will be summarised and reflected upon. Watch out for the release and our breakdown of the survey results over the coming weeks.

The Loss Prevention department at Standard Club is dedicated to improving seafarer welfare, and testament to that commitment, the club is a signatory on the Neptune Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change as well as a proud sponsor of the Seafarers Happiness Index, a report by Mission to Seafarers.