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Persian Language Mandate for Ships Crossing Hormuz Strait
Persian imposition on Ship captains passing through Hormuz Straits
Mr.G.Chandrasekar Jun 26 2023 Shipping News

Persian Language Mandate for Ships Crossing Hormuz Strait

Ship captains passing through the Hormuz straits the Gateway to Gulfcountries should have knowledge of Persian Language. Any ship seeking to pass through the Strait of Hormuz must inform Iran of its name, nationality and cargo in Persian Language, a top Iranian commander has said according to Xinhua, Chinese official news agency

Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Commander AlirezaTangsiri made the remarks at a commemoration ceremony held in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, warning that if a passing vessel refrains from providing the required information, Iranian naval forces will take necessary action against it.

In early May, the IRGC released a video showing one of its officers forcing

American troops on board a US Navy cruiser to respond to him in Persian,

after warning them in the same language to leave the regional waters and

not to take any tension-provoking action, Chinese official news agency,

Xinhua has reported.

According to the footage, the officer informed the cruiser that the IRGC

Navy is responsible for ensuring security in the regional waters, including

the Strait of Hormuz, after which the American vessel corrected its route

and informed Iran of the change.

Ever since United States imposed sanctions on Iran on the nuclear issues

relations between the two countries have nosedived. US Navy has a big

presence near the Hormuz straits as crude laden vessels from UAE Qatar

Iraq and a host of Gulf countries have to be pass through these Straits

before reaching the Arabian Sea.