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Include Goa on nat’l shipping board, CII urges Union govt
The Confederation of Indian Industry – Goa has written to the Union ministry of shipping, waterways and ports with a request that Goa should be included on the National Shipping Board.
Dr.G.R.Balakrishnan Aug 21 2023 Trade Body / Associations News

Include Goa on nat’l shipping board, CII urges Union govt

Citing the state’s contribution to the shipbuilding sector, CII said that Goa’s inclusion on the board will benefit the local economy, particularly the shipyards.

The National Shipping Board, which reports to the Union ministry of shipping, holds deliberations and makes policy recommendations for the development of the country’s maritime sector.“Considering Goa’s ecosystem can contribute immensely towards the national vision of enhancing India’s global share in the shipbuilding sector, CII has advocated for a seat for Goa on the National Shipping Board of ministry of shipping, waterways and ports,” said deputy chairperson for CII’s Western Region Swati Salgaocar.She said that such a move would support and help leverage the huge potential of Goan shipbuilding sector and would also align local stakeholders towards the larger vision of the country.

To make its case before the Centre, CII said that Goa has the biggest shipbuilding cluster on the western coast and has made major contributions to the maritime industry. “Most of the inland and coastal vessels operating on Indian coastline have been designed and built in Goa. The state has more than two major inland waterways with a special skill in local manpower to build steel, aluminium and fibre boats for various types of sea conditions,” said Salgaocar.

The National Shipping board currently consists of representatives from the Union ministry, Inland Waterways Authority of India, major shipyards, Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, maritime organisations, and other organisations.

CII feels that inclusion of Goa will help spur the Goa’s shipbuilding sector.

“Goa has a significant private shipbuilding sector which is competitive on a global scale. Several shipbuilding industries in Goa and their ancillary units specialise in building vessels for the Middle Eastern and European markets as well as for public sector shipyards which build for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard,” said Salgaocar.